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Chromium and Cobalt blood tests are used to monitor exposure to these elements. Both of these elements are naturally occurring elements widely distributed in the environment. Previously, serum samples were collected and used to monitor patients with metal on metal implants but serum can easily be contaminated during the harvesting and separation of the serum from the cellular blood components causing incorrect results. By using the new EDTA anti-coagulated whole blood test which is collected in a trace element tube instead of using serum the risk of contamination is significantly reduced.
By Alyssa Frank • October 19, 2018
In this sketchnote, Caroline Davidge-Pitts, M.B., B.Ch., and Todd Nippoldt, M.D., share inclusive terminology and lessons learned from Mayo Clinic’s Transgender Intersex Specialty Care Clinic.
By Theresa Malin • October 19, 2018
Graduation for the Histology Technician Program, part of the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences, was held on Wednesday, October 3. The class of 2018 features three graduates: My Huynh, Renny Tran, and Lara Hall.
By Molly Dee • October 19, 2018
Top highlights include: How medical schools are battling stereotypes about elderly patients, five Mayo Clinic sites receive patient-care award, multiple myeloma subtypes linked to patients' African ancestry, what to know about antibiotic resistance, and why you need your flu shot now.
By Gina Chiri-Osmond • October 19, 2018
Elizabeth Atneosen, a student in the Mayo Clinic Medical Laboratory Science program, talks about the rewards of being in the program.
By Elizabeth Atneosen • October 18, 2018
Carol Morales hadn't planned to celebrate her 80th birthday at work. But her colleagues couldn't let the milestone pass without a proper celebration for the woman they call an "inspiration."
By In the Loop • October 18, 2018