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Hutton Kearney, Ph.D., Consultant of Hereditary Genomics Laboratory in the Division of Laboratory Genetics and Genomics at Mayo Clinic, participated in an interview with Frontline Genomics Magazine to discuss cytogenetics.
By Kelley Schreiber • November 24, 2017
Justin Kreuter, M.D., Clinical Pathologist and Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center in Rochester, Minnesota, and Theresa Malin, an Education Specialist in Transfusion Medicine at Mayo Clinic, have launched “Transfusion Toons” as an innovative approach to teaching and learning transfusion medicine. View this post to see the new toon.
By Theresa Malin • November 24, 2017
Top highlights this week include: They're taking your blood pressure all wrong, heavier women may need mammograms more often, diabetes' connection to pancreatic cancer, helping obese kids avoid weight stigma, and research shows newer blood thinners have lower risk of kidney function decline.
By Gina Chiri-Osmond • November 24, 2017
Mother Alfred Moes was a natural leader. Her strength of character often ran afoul of superiors who expected unquestioning obedience.
By Alyssa Frank • November 23, 2017
Preparing a Thanksgiving turkey can prove tricky for even the most experienced cooks. How big of a bird to select, how to thaw it in time and how to avoid undercooking, overcooking or — even worse — food poisoning, are among the challenges faced by holiday chefs. Here are some tips from Mayo Clinic to help avoid turkey-related mishaps.
By Mayo Clinic News Network • November 23, 2017
Every week, Mayo Clinic microbiologist Bobbi Pritt, M.D., posts a new Parasite Wonders case. This week's case presents an object seen on a stool agar culture after incubation at room temperature for several days. The patient is a 62-year-old woman from the Philippines. What is the identification?
By Bobbi Pritt, M.D. • November 22, 2017
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