Histology Technician Donald Hodges Profiled in Supplement to “USA Today”

Donald Hodges

One of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology's histology technicians has received the national spotlight. The June MediaPlanet Careers in Healthcare Supplement to USA Today profiled Donald Hodges, a 51-year-old Histology Technician at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and his mid-career shift from manufacturing to health care. The article outlines Hodge's journey from being laid off at Crenlo to his enrollment in the Mayo Clinic Histology Technician Program at Mayo School of Health Sciences. After graduation, Hodges joined the Histology Laboratory in the Division of Anatomic Pathology.

As quoted in the article, Hodges explained that, "The switch was well worth it. I get up each day doing something that matters and affects the lives of hundreds of people every day. Oh yes, and the slides that I create have my initials on them, and they are saved indefinitely by Mayo Clinic. You could look at this as my own sense of immortality."


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