Fazlollaah Amirahmadi, Richard Carlson and James Hernandez, M.D., Published in American Journal for Clinical Pathology

Fazlollaah Amirahmadi, Richard Carlson and James Hernandez, M.D., have been published in the September issue of the American Journal for Clinical Pathology with an article titled, "A Primer on the Cost of Quality for Improvement of Laboratory and Pathology Specimen Processes." Carlson and Armirahamadi are both Mayo Clinic system engineers based out of Rochester, while Dr. Hernandez is an associate professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic's Arizona campus.

Below is the article abstract:

In today’s environment, many laboratories and pathology practices are challenged to maintain or increase their quality while simultaneously lowering their overall costs. The cost of improving specimen processes is related to quality, and we demonstrate that actual costs can be reduced by designing “quality at the source” into the processes. Various costs are hidden along the total testing process, and we suggest ways to identify opportunities to reduce cost by improving quality in laboratories and pathology practices through the use of Lean, Six Sigma, and industrial engineering.


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