Accurate Subtyping of Amyloidosis [Video]

At least 25 different proteins have been shown to cause amyloidosis, and the underlying pathogenesis of each subtype of amyloidosis is unique. The treatment approach for each subtype of amyloidosis may be radically different. Dr. Paul Kurtin, Consultant in Hematopathology, outlines a novel diagnostic methodology developed at Mayo Clinic that can subtype amyloidosis in routine biopsy specimens with high accuracy. The method combines specific sampling of the amyloid plaques by laser microdissection and the analytical power of tandem mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis.





Andy Tofilon

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Do the different subtypes effect what treatment should be used?

Yes, the different subtypes of amyloidosis effect what treatment should be used. Dr. Kurtin gives several examples in his video. You can learn more here:

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