Register Now for the Practical Surgical Pathology Conference Sept. 24-27

Registration is now open for the Practical Surgical Pathology conference, which will be held Sept. 24-27 at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Fla. This conference addresses unique challenges and problems encountered in today’s practice. Participants will simultaneously review case histories, examine images by virtual microscopy, and formulate diagnoses. The unique subtleties and differentiating characteristics of each diagnosis will then be highlighted. Participants will also discuss the patient management strategy used in each case.

During the four-day conference, 38 cases will be presented and discussed. Three to four specialty areas will be featured each day to include gastrointestinal pathology, head and neck pathology, lung pathology, breast pathology, neuropathology, liver pathology, endocrine pathology, gynecologic pathology, genitourinary pathology, and cytopathology. Important surgical pathology practice issues will also be presented.

Upon completion of the conference, participants should be able to:

  • Identify common diagnostic problems of pathologies selected for study.
  • Classify each case according to pathology subtype.
  • Grade, where appropriate, specific histologic subtype of lesion identified.
  • Utilize, in a cost-effective manner, ancillary testing including immunoperoxidase stains, in situ hybridization studies, and molecular testing based on reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and DNA sequencing methodologies.
  • Interpret ancillary tests in the context of clinical practice for study cases.
  • Assess outcome data for a specific study case and how that may impact the utility of special, ancillary test results.
  • Enumerate the treatment options of each case diagnosis.
  • Integrate the crucial role of communication between the clinician and the pathologist and how that interaction moves the routine and ancillary pathologic findings in a study case into the area of high-quality cost-effective patient care.

This conference is designed for practicing surgical pathologists. Other medical laboratory scientists or physicians interested in enhancing their delivery of care may also benefit from this program.


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