Universal Pathology Consultation available beginning August 19

To create more efficient ordering and send out processes for our clients, Mayo Medical Laboratories is pleased to introduce our Universal Pathology Consultation, which will be available on Aug. 19.




  • Simplifies ordering and eliminates questions of which orderable code to use for pathology consultations.
  • Enables Mayo Clinic to more efficiently receive, process and review cases, reducing questions and follow-up phone calls.
  • Reduces the test build work for client interfaces and laboratory information systems.
  • Improves report format.

Updated Pathology Consultation Codes

Updated Pathology Consultation Codes

More Information
As our consultative offerings have broadened over time, clients have indicated that it can be laborious to manage the discrepancies in specimen requirements and shipping protocols that vary across our current pathology consultation menu. Consultations currently include:

  • 5434 Hematopathology Consultation
  • 5439 Surgical Pathology Consultation
  • 5468 Dermatopathology Consultation
  • 9354 Cytology Consultation

Mayo Medical Laboratories has heard this feedback and — in an effort to continuously improve the level of service delivered to our clients — we have reengineered our accessioning and laboratory path-of-workflow to enable our clients to obsolete the above codes and now order any specialty of pathology consultation using the single code:

  • 70012 Universal Pathology Consolation

About Pathology Consultations at Mayo Clinic
For more than 40 years, MML has offered physicians and scientists a conduit to Mayo Clinic’s diverse and subspecialized pathology practices. Hundreds of times each day, providers from around the world interact with Mayo Clinic pathologists for collegial discussion on test selection, order clarification, collection and processing procedures, results interpretation, new test development, and methodologies. This integrated approach ensures optimum patient outcomes and efficient, cost-effective delivery of care.

Renal Pathology Consultation

Updates have been made to the Renal Pathology Consultation, Wet Tissue. This single orderable test replaces 8331, 8104, 88501, 4986 codes. Clients may order this new test for any renal pathology wet tissue consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was the Universal Pathology Consultation created?
    Based on direct client input, increasing specimen confusion in our accessioning area, and guidance from our Laboratory Technologist Resource Coordinators, it became apparent that the variety of MML pathology consultation codes and the varying specimen requirements was creating confusion among our clients. This confusion led to both client frustration and a non-optimized specimen workflow. As a result, our laboratory quality team polled MML clients and internal stakeholders to devise a forward-thinking and non-disruptive solution to address these concerns. Through client communication, new accessioning and workflow models, and standardized billing, the Universal Pathology Consultation creates a simple orderable for our clients to access any consultative service while streamlining MML’s specimen path-of-workflow and billing.
  • How will this impact my day-to-day send out process?
    A key driver of the creation of this new process is to add ease to our clients’ busy days and nights. The Universal Pathology Consultation is meant to reduce the variability across MML’s current consultation orderables. Under the new model, clients simply send a case needing consultation and order the universal code. Clients can also collect an appropriate blood/tissue specimen and order one of the new or existing wet tissue consult codes. The new code and specimen will immediately trigger the MML accessioning team to triage the specimen to the performing lab and pathology working group.
  • Will my physicians have questions?
    Call MLI at 1-800-533-1710.
  • Will this impact my ability to seek reimbursement from payers?
    The Universal Pathology Consultation has been “crosswalked” by our compliance and billing office to the appropriate CPT codes dependent upon the specimen type received and the services performed. As is done today, our utilization and billing reports to our clients will continue to indicate the services performed, the billed charges, and a recommendation on CPT coding to seek reimbursement from payers.

Brent Westra

Brent Westra is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Medical Laboratories. He leads marketing strategies for product management and specialty testing along with new media innovations. Brent has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2011.