Specimen Shipment Alert — Labor Day

Due to the Labor Day holiday in the United States, there will be no courier or FedEx pickups or deliveries on Monday, Sept. 2. Specimens shipped via FedEx on Saturday, Aug. 31 should be packed with extra dry ice. Items scheduled for Saturday and Sunday delivery will not be impacted.


Andy Tofilon

Andy Tofilon is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Medical Laboratories. He leads strategies for corporate communications, public relations, and new media innovations. Andy has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2003. Outside of work, Andy can be found running, hiking, snapping photos, and most importantly, spending time with his family.


I am mailing a 24 hour urine test and stool to you on the 3rd of September. Do I need any instructions. I read to use dry ice.

It you are sending it today, you should have no issues. The point of the extra dry ice is just in case some shipment takes a little bit longer to deliver to Mayo.

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