Dr. Frank Cockerill Highlights 2013 Annual Meeting of Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) in “ADVANCE”

Frank Cockerill, M.D. was recently interviewed by "ADVANCE" about the upcoming 2013 annual meeting of the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), Nov. 14-16 at the Phoenix (Ariz.) Convention Center.

Frank Cockerill, M.D.

The annual meeting features more than 25 hours of cutting-edge sessions, 400 posters, 180 exhibitors and countless opportunities to interact with other professionals. As chairman of this year's program committee, Dr. Cockerill discussed the focus of AMP, including informatics and the need to to manage high volumes of data, and the four spotlighted subdivisions (microbiology, genetics, solid tumors and hematology/pathology).

According to Dr. Cockerill, "I think we've done an excellent job of pulling in the hot topics. This meeting demonstrates the expansion of our genomics specialties to include proteomics and informatics,  all of which are important for optimized patient care."

In addition to informatics and subdivisions, the article also discusses the importance of reimbursement. According to Dr. Cockerill, with limited funds and adjustments to the ACA, some labs can no longer pay for the development and testing costs of molecular diagnostic. To help foster dialogue regarding reimbursement pricing and coverage, AMP is bringing together Aaron Bossler, M.D., Ph.D., Marc Hartstein, director of Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group, CMS, and Elaine Jeter, M.D., medical director at Palmetto Health.

For more information and registration for the AMP's annual meeting, visit www.2013amp.org.


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