Leveraging the Laboratory Outreach Conference: Outreach Acceleration

leveraging-featureThe community healthcare delivery landscape is fundamentally and rapidly transforming, and is at a tipping point. Forces of disruptive change include system consolidation, movement toward capitated payment models, profound pricing pressure and growing demand for evidence from payers combined with an aggressive acquisition of community-based laboratories by commercial laboratories.

Traditional outreach has provided significant benefits to community-based hospitals by generating needed revenue and volume that reduces unit cost. Physician integration is changing, and will continue to change the traditional outreach model. Inreach, over time, will become the new model for providing laboratory services to system employed physicians.

Today, laboratories are working in two worlds. One is familiar and volume based; one is new and value based. Outreach acceleration is critical now to help facilitate physician integration and generate needed revenue and volume in the current payment system.

This conference will discuss the must-have features of both outreach and inreach, as well as critical capabilities that enable outreach acceleration.


Andy Tofilon

Andy Tofilon is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Medical Laboratories. He leads strategies for corporate communications, public relations, and new media innovations. Andy has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2003. Outside of work, Andy can be found running, hiking, snapping photos, and most importantly, spending time with his family.