CAP TODAY: “Checklist Changes Put Out Fire (Drills), For Starters”

Michael Henry, M.D.
Michael Henry, M.D.

In the MAY issue of CAP TODAYMichael Henry, M.D., director of cytopathology at the Mayo Clinic, was interviewed for the article, "Checklist changes put out fire (drills), for starters." The article discusses the latest edition of the Laboratory Accreditation Program checklists, which launched in May.

Dr. Henry, who is a CAP Checklists Committee member, talked about a significant change to the anatomic pathology checklist: the addition of a portion on circulating tumor cell analysis. In previous editions, this section appeared in the immunology checklist.

According to Dr. Henry, "We asked around and found that in most laboratories, this type of analysis is done in the anatomic pathology or molecular anatomic pathology area. So we felt it needed to be taken out of the immunology checklist, and plus the existing requirements were not necessarily directly related to the performance of circulating tumor cell analysis."

Dr. Henry was also involved with changes to the whole-slide imaging section of the laboratory general checklist.

Devin Oglesbee, Ph.D.
Devin Oglesbee, Ph.D.

Devin Oglesbee, Ph.D., a member of the CAP-ACMG Biochemical and Molecular Genetics Resource Committee and co-director of Mayo Clinic’s biochemical genetics laboratory in the Division of Laboratory Genetics, discussed the clinical biochemical genetics checklist which now contains a section dedicated to hemoglobin separation and aimed at laboratories that perform newborn screening.

According to Dr. Oglesbee, “Commonly, the laboratories that perform hemoglobin separation perform it in a diagnostic application. Screening laboratories, unfortunately, don’t have the luxury of large amounts of sample."

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