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pathways041415A 47-year-old woman with no prior medical history presented with a mass in the ethmoid sinus invading the cribriform plate. A surgical resection was performed and the accompanying photomicrographs illustrate the histologic and immunohistochemical findings.

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Rondell Graham

Rondell Graham, MBBS
Fellow, Surgical Pathology
Mayo Clinic
Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology,
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine



Dr. Andre Oliveira
Dr. Andre Oliveira

April Josselyn

April Josselyn is a Marketing Associate at Mayo Medical Laboratories. She is the editor of Mayo Clinic PathWays and supports corporate communications strategies and internal communications. She has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2012. Outside of work, April enjoys the outdoors and being "hockey mom" for her two sports-crazed boys.


nice case with informative comments.

I love the continous updates

Thanks very much to the Path Ways team. This case discussion on sinonasal sarcoma was very helpful, especially your clarity on the differential diagnosis & Immunohistochemical markers. Practicing pathologists are immensely benefited as low grade sarcomas are diagnostically challenging.
Please publish more case studies & your unique insight on low grade sarcomas especially abdominal & pelvic regions also.

Very informative differential diagnosis. Please publish a case study on Pediatric low grade gliomas and/or other brain tumor pathology

Interesting case and good concise discussion. Thank you.

very informative and didactic pathological cases, a nice way to do CME/CPD
will again post on
one of the topics focusing mainly on immunology we are curating
visit, enjoy and share

Nice case! Love the information and explanations…. More of this please! Thanks and congrats

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