What You Need to Know: August 2 “Go Live” of New Genetics System

Click to view PDF Flier
Click to view PDF Flier

To ensure we are always providing the highest level of value-based reference laboratory services, Mayo Medical Laboratories will be implementing a new genetics laboratory information system and additional PDF reports on August 2, 2015. The numerous enhancements to our genetic testing offering are based on detailed conversations with clinical providers nationwide that have requested these reports to meet the clinical practice expectations from physicians, specialists, pathologists, and patients.

New Genetics System 

On August 2, Mayo Medical Laboratories (MML) will implement two new SCC Soft modules for genetic testing. This system migration from the Mayo Genetics System (MGS) to SCC SoftMolecular Diagnostics and SCC SoftCytogenetics will occur after business hours.

View our one-page “Mayo Genetics System Replacement at Mayo Medical Laboratories” flier, which will provide your laboratory staff a high-level overview of what they need to know about our system go live. The flyer is designed to be emailed and printed within your organization to ensure your staff is aware of this activity.

New Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics PDF reports

To ensure our clinical partners can efficiently and effectively review test results, Mayo Medical Laboratories will be implementing additional PDF reports over the next several months. The next round of enhanced and supplemental reports will go live as part of our genetics laboratory system upgrade. Read a quick overview about the basics regarding our new PDF reports.

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I am interested in having genetic testing for drug therapy as I have many reactions from meds and unable to take so many of the meds I need for health issues. My primary Dr. thought I should do this also, and referred me to a Dr. that would help with this test. the Dr. would not even talk to me abt. theses tests and said he had never heard of these tests and was very irritated . I visited my primary Dr. again and he brushed me off about doing the test later. ?????? I do not understand what happen why not talking abt. the test anymore as he said at first if anyone needed the genetic test for meds. I would be a prime candidate . I would like testing done if at all possible as I have had reaction also to the osteoporosis drugs and have Parkinson disease. Dr. is wanting me to try another drug for my bones, however , I am afraid to try another as I have been doing good with the Parkinson . I also cannot take Iron sulfate , penicillin, any sulfur drugs. very few antibiotics. Also have some food allergies. I would like to know what medicines might help me and would like to have the genetic testing if I could.
Thank you, Hazel white , I live in southern Illinois .

Sorry I had put a wrong- e-mail This is correct how6@clearwave.com

Hi Hazel,

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose conditions, provide second opinions, or make specific treatment recommendations through this correspondence. If you would like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, please call one of our appointment offices (Arizona: 800-446-2279 Florida: 904-953-0853 Minnesota: 507-538-3270). Thank you.

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