Are YOU the Missing Type?

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In an effort to create awareness about the need for blood donors and blood donations, the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center in Rochester is taking part in an international blood donor campaign called the “Missing Type” initiative.

The global campaign is based on the insight that people rarely think about their blood type–most of us don’t even know it. But if that “type” was to go missing in everyday life, people would start to pay closer attention to the need for blood donations. So, the letters “A,” “O,” and “B” (the letters that make up the blood groups) have been removed from the Blood Donor Center’s marketing pieces and social media.

Can You Help Fill the Gaps?
The original “Missing Type” campaign was created in 2015 by the NHS Blood and Transplant organization in England and North Wales for National Blood Week. It was a massive success, reaching more than two billion people through news coverage and social media activity, and it ultimately drove 30,000 new donors to register.

Through the help of NHS Blood and Transplant, the “Missing Type” campaign has arrived in the U.S. You may start to see Facebook posts, tweets, and photos on Instagram about the campaign.

Dr. Kreuter Interviewed by ABC Channel 6
Recently, the news team at KAAL (ABC Channel 6) tracked down Justin Kreuter, M.D., the Medical Director of Mayo’s Blood Donor Center to ask him about the ongoing campaign. Reporter Ben Henry spoke with Dr. Kreuter and also longtime donor Mark Korinek. Watch the news clip.

When You Give, Others Live
There are a number of ways you can support the Missing Type campaign:

  • In Olmsted County, Minnesota, visit for more information about Mayo’s Blood Donor Center locations. Also, feel free to email or call the center’s main number at (507) 284-4475.
  • Outside of Olmsted County, contact the American Red Cross.
  • Show your support for blood donation on social media by posting about blood donation and removing the A’s, O’s, and B’s from your social media name or text. Use the hashtag #MissingType.
  • Like the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center on Facebook.
  • Encourage local businesses to remove the A’s, O’s, and B’s from company logos.
  • Encourage others to consider becoming lifelong blood donors.

Join the global community of lifesavers and become a new blood donor. Do something amazing and register today.



Gina Chiri-Osmond

Gina Chiri-Osmond is a Marketing Channel Manager at Mayo Medical Laboratories. She manages public relations and media outreach. Gina has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2011. Outside of work, Gina is going for gold in volleyball at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo . . . or at small-town summer festivals.


Why not also consider adding a little box to the intranet home page that shows the most needed type at the time. A lot of employees would then be able to see that and be reminded that they can donate blood, and if they have a needed type, maybe it will persuade them to go in and give. There is more then enough room on the home page to do this.

Hi, Tyler, thank you for your comment. Great minds think alike! The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center in Rochester has been working with the Technical Development Team within Mayo’s IT Operations Division for almost a year on developing a new blood product “status panel” for Mayo’s internal home page. This team has been working on new code, reviewing it, migrating it to production, developing training materials, creating a demo, quality testing the new tool, etc. Also, the Blood Donor Center is developing a new external blog on the Mayo Clinic Connect site ( that will have an “Inventory page” where donors can easily view what blood products are in demand. We hope that this project will help in meeting the needs of our patients with collecting the right type at the right time.

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