Congratulations to you all. I became a medical technologist MT ASAP in 1976 and I just retired after 40 years in the field. I did not want to retire, I became ill but I would’ve worked another 10 years if I could have. I am now and always was very proud to have become a medical technologist. The work is tough, the stress is high but it’s a great job because it is a very important job. To me the most important part of the job was professionalism which means precision and accuracy at all times. Many people rely on medical technologists especially doctors, nurses and patients. We sometimes don’t get the notoriety, respect and compensation that we deserve but no matter what we always hold ourselves to the highest standards. One thing you can always be is very proud of yourself and always rise above any adversity that you will face in your future. Medical technologists are no nonsense types of people, they are tough and they are intelligent and you can be proud of the career you have chosen and I hope you enjoy your careers. I know that I did. Good luck!