Join Mayo Clinic Speakers for AACC Webinar on Biotin and Laboratory Testing

Nikola Baumann, Ph.D.

Brooke Katzman, Ph.D.

Nikola Baumann, Ph.D., Director of the Central Clinical Laboratory and Central Processing Laboratory, and Brooke Katzman, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Hospital Clinical Laboratory and Point of Care, at Mayo Clinic, are presenting the webinar, "Biotin and Laboratory Testing: Recognizing Interferences and Preventing Misdiagnosis." The webinar will be held September 28 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., Central time.

In the webinar, presented as a collaboration between the Society for Young Clinical Laboratorians (SYCL) and AACC's Endocrinology Division, Drs. Baumann and Katzman will present several compelling cases of patients identified with erroneous thyroid function test results due to biotin consumption. They will also describe current trends in biotin consumption and the pervasive use of biotin in immunoassay reagents. Key strategies will be outlined for labs to prevent potentially serious patient safety incidents in an era of widespread biotin supplementation.

Webinar objectives include:

  • Describe trends in biotin supplementation for therapeutic and nutraceutical purposes.
  • Recognize the potential impact of biotin consumption on some immunoassay-based laboratory test results.
  • Develop strategies to prevent misdiagnosis and mitigate patient safety risks from biotin interferences in lab testing.

Registration is free.


Kelley Schreiber

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