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Top highlights this week include: Trump’s renewed focus on health bill, GOP eyes insurer fund to save Obamacare repeal, Obamacare’s insurers struggle for stability, insurers push for ACA subsidy payments, and groups warn of rural health “crisis” under Obamacare repeal.

By Andy Tofilon • April 26, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Up to 50,000 cases of cholera expected in Somalia by summer; Texas mumps cases hit 20-year high; value-based model for IBD improves outcomes, lowers costs; Mayo plans “training and command center” in Rochester; and Mayo researchers refine genes responsible for breast cancer development.

By Gina Chiri-Osmond • April 21, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Trump says health-care revamp still priority ahead of tax overhaul, insurers want greater certainty on Obamacare subsidies, higher costs if ACA subsidies not financed, Trump revisions to Affordable Care Act insurance, and new Medicare model for paying doctors.

By Andy Tofilon • April 19, 2017

Mayo Medical Laboratories has announced new functionality to help community-based hospital laboratories leverage their Epic electronic medical records.

By Andy Tofilon • April 18, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Prostate cancer tests now ok with U.S. panel, more than 1 in 5 adults has cancer-causing HPV, Mayo CEO Dr. John Noseworthy nominated to Merck board, increase in vitamin D usage, and Mayo Clinic expanding Sports Medicine Facility in Minneapolis.

By Gina Chiri-Osmond • April 14, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Trump Administration to pay health law subsidies, some Republicans now defending parts of Obamacare, insurers may soon profit from Obamacare plans, House GOP amends health care bill to address premiums, and White House divided on Obamacare payments.

By Andy Tofilon • April 12, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Extra fat does raise risk of death, cancer death rates continue to decline, asking for a second medical opinion, Mayo Clinic helps paralyzed man move legs via spinal cord stimulator, and cleaning up cancer.

By Gina Chiri-Osmond • April 7, 2017

Top highlights this week include: HHS to continue Obamacare payments to insurers with lawsuit pending, Trump team urges skimpier health plans, Minnesota health plans see worst year in a decade, subsidies for out-of-pocket costs, and GOP health care struggles.

By Andy Tofilon • April 5, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Heroin use spiking among white Americans, FDA approves new drug to treat multiple sclerosis, how to safely remove ticks from skin, Mayo Clinic raises nearly $300M in private funds for Destination Medical Center, and Mayo Clinic researchers identify interaction among proteins that cause cancer cells to metastasize.

By Gina Chiri-Osmond • March 31, 2017

Top highlights this week include: House Republicans continue to push for health care reform, repeal of Obamacare is back on the agenda, insurers struggle to play for future amid health care policy, House Republicans favor funding key Obamacare payments, and what comes after Obamacare’s death.

By Andy Tofilon • March 29, 2017

Andy Cousin, FACHE, Director of Product Management and Marketing for Mayo Medical Laboratories, is attending this year’s ACHE Congress on Health Care Leadership conference in Chicago. He will be sharing his thoughts and photos from the conference. Follow along his live blog.

By Andy Cousin • March 27, 2017

A recent article in MedicalLab Management, authored by Mayo Clinic staff, discusses how to sustain reduced blood-culture contamination in clinical laboratories.

By Kelley Schreiber • March 27, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Death rates rise for white adults, infant mortality rates fall 15% in U.S., Mayo Clinic expansion will build revenue, Mayo Clinic brings strollin’ colon back to Rochester, and stem cells arrive from space.

By Gina Chiri-Osmond • March 24, 2017