Infectious Diseases Subspecialties Update 2017 will provide a comprehensive review of infectious diseases that focuses on the clinical application of new developments. Watch a video with Bobbi Pritt, M.D., Director of the Clinical Parasitology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, to learn more.

By Kelley Schreiber • December 7, 2016

View this week’s case by Gary Keeney, M.D., and make your diagnosis.

By Rene Revier • December 6, 2016
fibrolamellar carcinoma

Fibrolamellar carcinoma is a rare subtype of primary liver cancer, and the diagnosis can sometimes be difficult. A new test, developed at Mayo Clinic, uses FISH technology to identify the fusion gene DNAJB1-PRKACA, reported in fibrolamellar carcinomas.

By MML Education • December 5, 2016

This two-day conference will offer the opportunity to hear Dennis Ernst, MT(ASCP), present what’s new in the world of phlebotomy, learn about legal updates, and interactively predict the impact of pre-analytical errors.

By MML Education • December 1, 2016
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Diagnostic Molecular Pathology is currently regarded as a fundamental element of surgical pathology. Excellent oncologic care requires that practicing surgical pathologists understand molecular testing platforms, results, and clinical significance.

By MML Education • December 1, 2016

Mayo Clinic hematologists, hematopathologists, and a wide spectrum of allied health staff are in San Diego for the 58th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Follow this blog for live updates from #ASH16.

By Mayo Medical Laboratories • November 30, 2016

View this week’s case by Melanie Bois, M.D., and Marie Christine Aubry, M.D., and make your diagnosis.

By April Josselyn • November 29, 2016

Identifying the correct test for your patient is always critical. In this two-part presentation, Lea Coon, C.G.C., walks viewers through the information necessary to correctly select testing for hemophilia A or B.

By MML Education • November 28, 2016

Influenza testing has changed significantly in the last 10 years. View our latest Hot Topic to understand the different testing methods and the environments in which they are most appropriate.

By MML Education • November 22, 2016

View this week’s case study by Joseph Maleszewski, M.D., and Melanie Bois, M.D., and make your diagnosis.

By April Josselyn • November 22, 2016

View this week’s case study by Andrew Norgan, M.D., Ph.D., and Dong Chen, M.D., Ph.D., and make your diagnosis.

By April Josselyn • November 15, 2016

View this week’s case study by Bobbi Pritt, M.D., and make your diagnosis.

By Kelley Schreiber • November 8, 2016

The amount of tumor tissue in a specimen and the percent tumor nuclei are the foundation for selecting the right specimen for molecular testing. Once you’ve correctly identified the target, the requirements for the specific type of test come into play.

By MML Education • November 7, 2016