Originally Presented August 9, 2017
An educational overview of the large category of peripheral neuropathies, discussing various testing platforms strengths and weaknesses, with a focus on identifying hereditary neuropathies.

By MML Education • September 21, 2017

This week’s case study evaluates a patient who presented with a recurrent monoclonal IgGK immunoglobulin during a routine follow-up evaluation after three years of disease-free status. Can you review the case and make the diagnosis?

By Rene Revier • September 19, 2017

In this month’s Hot Topic, Jana Hata, Ph.D., provides an overview of the epidemiology of Zika virus, as well as the possible clinical features of disease and the recommended laboratory tests to assist in the diagnosis of Zika virus infection.

By Jane Hata, Ph.D. • September 18, 2017

Jane Hermansen, Network Manager at Mayo Medical Laboratories, provides a summary of the 29th Leveraging the Laboratory conference and her top ten takeaways.

By Jane Hermansen, MBA, MT(ASCP) • September 14, 2017

This week’s case study reviews a 5.5 cm. circumscribed, oval mass found in the breast of an 18-year-old woman. Can you make the diagnosis?

By Rene Revier • September 12, 2017

The laboratory contributes to the health care system’s success through effective integration of testing from the community. The outreach program must have the proper focus, structure, and resources, and it must continually improve. Follow our blog from Philadelphia and #Leveraging2017 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for live updates.

By Mayo Medical Laboratories • September 11, 2017

September 25–28, 2018 | Venice, Italy
The 22nd International Surgical Pathology Symposium addresses unique challenges and problems encountered in today’s practice. Participants will review case histories, examine images by virtual microscopy, and formulate diagnoses.

By MML Education • September 7, 2017

February 15–17, 2018 | San Antonio, Texas
This two-and-a-half-day multidisciplinary conference will explore current state-of-the-art techniques to manage hemorrhage and hemostatic challenges.

By MML Education • September 7, 2017

This week’s case study reviews the laboratory findings from a 12-year-old girl who was found unresponsive in her bed. Can you make the diagnosis?

By Rene Revier • September 5, 2017

In this “Hot Topic,” Nicole Hoppman, Ph.D., discusses mate-pair sequencing, which is the first clinically available test that can characterize almost any chromosomal rearrangement, helping to establish pathogenicity, and, in a neoplastic setting, assist in diagnosis, prognosis, and identification of optimal therapeutic options.

By Nicole Hoppman, Ph.D. • September 5, 2017

This week’s case study reviews the concentrated wet preparation and modified safranin stain of stool collected from a 34-year-old female with a 10-day history of watery diarrhea and abdominal pain. Can you make the diagnosis?

By Rene Revier • August 29, 2017

This week’s case study reviews the debridement procedure on a 35-year-old man who suffered massive trauma in a motor vehicle accident. View the case and make your diagnosis.

By April Josselyn • August 22, 2017

This week’s case study involves a 49-year-old woman evaluated for numbness of her left arm and leg. During the workup, she was incidentally found to have a large pituitary tumor on her head MRI. Can you make the diagnosis?

By April Josselyn • August 15, 2017