September 25–28, 2018 | Venice, Italy
The 22nd International Surgical Pathology Symposium addresses unique challenges and problems encountered in today’s practice. Participants will review case histories, examine images by virtual microscopy, and formulate diagnoses.

By MML Education • September 7, 2017

March 22–23, 2018 | Rochester, Minnesota
This two-day conference will offer the opportunity to learn how to decrease stress and enhance resiliency in the workplace, and discuss a variety of topics specific to phlebotomy. Topics will include navigating line draws and difficult sticks, newborn screening, challenges with blood cultures, and more.

By MML Education • September 6, 2017

February 15–17, 2018 | San Antonio, Texas
This two-and-a-half-day multidisciplinary conference will explore current state-of-the-art techniques to manage hemorrhage and hemostatic challenges.

By MML Education • September 5, 2017

December 5, 2017 | Atlanta, Georgia
This program’s overall objective is to update the practicing hematologists/oncologists and hematopathologists about the evolving repertoire of test options and appropriate testing strategies.

By MML Education • July 14, 2017