Hutton Kearney, Ph.D., Consultant of Hereditary Genomics Laboratory in the Division of Laboratory Genetics and Genomics at Mayo Clinic, participated in an interview with Frontline Genomics Magazine to discuss cytogenetics.

By Kelley Schreiber • November 24, 2017

Mother Alfred Moes was a natural leader. Her strength of character often ran afoul of superiors who expected unquestioning obedience.

By Alyssa Frank • November 23, 2017

Fergus Couch, Ph.D., Chair of the Division of Experimental Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, recently hosted a Twitter Chat with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation on breast cancer genetics. 

By Kelley Schreiber • November 21, 2017

Bobbi Pritt, M.D., Director of the Clinical Parasitology Lab and Co-Director of Vector-Borne Diseases Lab Services in Mayo Clinic’s Department of Lab Medicine and Pathology, is celebrating her “Creepy, Dreadful, Wonderful Parasites” blog. The blog was voted among the top 50 pathology blogs and websites for pathologists.

By Kelley Schreiber • November 17, 2017

On February 2, 1851, Dr. William Worrall Mayo married Louise Abigail Wright. Unlike her immigrant spouse, Louise was of old pioneer American stock, having grown up in Jordan, New York, near Syracuse.

By Alyssa Frank • November 16, 2017

Ross Reichard, M.D., Chief Medical Examiner of the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office, located at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, talked with MinnPost about the cost of drug overdose investigations.

By Kelley Schreiber • November 15, 2017

The Association of American Medical Colleges has awarded Joseph Grande, M.D., Ph.D., Consultant in the Division of Anatomic Pathology with a joint appointment in the Department of Nephrology at Mayo Clinic, the Alpha Omega Distinguished Teacher Award.

By Molly Larsen • November 13, 2017

On the October 28 broadcast of Mayo Clinic Radio, Myra Wick, M.D., Ph.D., Consultant in the Division of Laboratory Genetics and Genomics at Mayo Clinic, explains the latest advances in prenatal screening.

By Kelley Schreiber • November 10, 2017

Although William Worrall Mayo would not become a full-time physician for several years, the timing of his arrival in New York City on August 22, 1846, was significant. Seven weeks later, on October 16, several physicians and a dentist in Boston witnessed the first public demonstration of ether anesthesia, a milestone in the evolution of surgery. W. W. Mayo and his sons would make surgery the focal point of their medical practice.

By Alyssa Frank • November 9, 2017

Ann Moyer, M.D., Ph.D., Co-Director of the Mayo Clinic Personalized Genomics Laboratory, was recently honored with a 2017 Distinguished and Outstanding Alumni Award from the University of Wisconsin–Platteville.

By Molly Larsen • November 7, 2017

April Josselyn, Marketing Associate at Mayo Medical Laboratories, takes a closer look at the Mayo Clinic Phlebotomy Technician program. 

By April Josselyn • November 3, 2017

On the October 28 broadcast of Mayo Clinic Radio, Minetta Liu, M.D., an oncologist and Research Chair for Mayo Clinic’s Division of Medical Oncology, discussed the latest results of the Mayo Clinic National Health Checkup, which focused on cancer.

By Kelley Schreiber • November 3, 2017

Many people in the founding generation of Mayo Clinic were immigrants or the children of immigrants. They brought diverse perspectives and life experiences, became loyal citizens of the United States, and created an entirely new way to care for patients and advance medical science.

By Alyssa Frank • November 2, 2017