November 29, 2017 | 11 a.m.–Noon CT
This "Phlebotomy" presentation will provide the audience with a high-level understanding of the various steps of the pre-analytic processes of Mayo Medical Laboratories that lead to the timely handling of incoming specimen volumes.
By MML Education • October 18, 2017


This "Phlebotomy" presentation focuses on the establishment of a formal training program for new hires and will include a discussion regarding the design of the training program to meet the needs of the organization.
By MML Education • August 16, 2017
In this "Phlebotomy" presentation, we will discuss why quality indicators in the pre-analytical phase of testing are performed, the process of deciding what metrics to measure, and how to interpret and act on the data.
By MML Education • May 17, 2017
In this "Phlebotomy" presentation, Dr. Brad Karon will review and contrast the complications of arterial puncture and venipuncture.
By MML Education • March 15, 2017
This "Phlebotomy" presentation will discuss common issues facing laboratories servicing the emergency department and other urgent-care settings.
By MML Education • November 16, 2016
This "Phlebotomy" presentation is an overview of physical ergonomic and cognitive human factors issues in phlebotomy practice. Attention will be given to the specific ergonomic risk factors observed in both outpatient and inpatient phlebotomy practice and the human factors, or study of our capabilities and limitations, to reduce the incidence of human errors in the phlebotomy practice.
By MML Education • May 11, 2016
In this "Phlebotomy" presentation, we will take a closer look at today’s patient. We will discuss the essential behaviors patients expect from their health care team, including their phlebotomist.
By MML Education • February 17, 2016