Originally presented October 30, 2017
Complement testing has acquired considerable clinical popularity in recent times. An overview of the complement system, pre-analytical challenges, and modern laboratory testing will be presented in this webinar.
By MML Education • November 20, 2017
Orginally presented November 6, 2017
This webinar will outline the different tests to detect patients who are at risk for thiopurine-related toxicity and the advantages of each test.
By MML Education • November 17, 2017
Originally Presented October 19, 2017
This presentation describes a new serum test for bile acid malabsorption. Descriptions illustrate how the test can be used as a screening test and as a tool for therapeutic action.
By MML Education • November 13, 2017
Originally presented November 15, 2017
In this Specialty Testing webinar, the experts at Mayo Medical Laboratories have put together knowledge, tools, and resources to assist organizations in the efforts of maintaining clinical quality and achieving value as they pursue a request for proposal (RFP) in the reference laboratory space.
By MML Education • October 17, 2017
Originally presented November 8, 2017
The webinar will briefly cover the current knowledge concerning the molecular genetic classification of adult gliomas.
By MML Education • October 13, 2017
Originally Presented August 30, 2017
This presentation offers an educational overview of next-generation sequencing testing for hematologic malignancies, specifically myeloid disorders and multiple myeloma.
By MML Education • September 25, 2017
Originally Presented August 9, 2017
An educational overview of the large category of peripheral neuropathies, discussing various testing platforms and their strengths and weaknesses, with a focus on identifying hereditary neuropathies.
By MML Education • September 21, 2017
Originally Presented June 12, 2017
This presentation offers an educational overview of autoimmune central nervous system disorders, evaluations (including antibody testing), and treatments.
By Mayo Medical Laboratories • June 22, 2017
Originally Presented February 24, 2017
Chromosome analysis, which was once the preferred genetic test for a wide variety of congenital abnormalities, is now one of the most frequently misordered cytogenetic tests at MML. This webinar will outline the differences in technologies and the appropriate use of each test.
By Mayo Medical Laboratories • March 1, 2017
ST2 is a biomarker of fibrosis and cardiac remodeling and provides clinicians with significant prognostic guidance without being adversely influenced by typical confounders such as age, obesity, and renal impairment.
By Alyssa Frank • October 26, 2016